"PRO IURE" International Association

Who are we?

Pro Iure International Association is a Romanian legal entity, of private law, non-profit, established as an associative forum of specialists in law, but also in other fields of science, such as medicine, economics, education, psychology and others, in order to achieve ideal goals and objectives contained in the articles of incorporation.

Our purposes....

Promoting the connections between law practitioners from different fields of activity, from the country and abroad; emphasizing the feeling of belonging to the same professional association, a protection from this association; better documentation and specialized information, improving the training of law practitioners; collaborating with other centers and institutions; helping law practitioners and their families, as well as other socio-professional categories; promoting an ecology of law for the formation of a truly humanitarian right

Our Goals

  1. Awarding prizes and scholarships for law practitioners and deserving students in promoting the ideals of the association, as well as other young people with concerns in various fields of activity;
  2. Publishing publications (newsletters, brochures, magazines, newspapers, etc.) to subscribe to the purpose of the association;   
  3. Elaboration and editing of works of literature and legal practice, of some collections of laws, legislative yearbooks, etc.

Our Activities